Enel's Innovation Goes Online

Published on Friday, 23 May 2014

It's not only Enel's offers that are tailored to the needs of prosumers, but also the network, which is  adapting its infrastructure and distribution services to a new model of electricity consumer behaviour and new uses of electricity.

Enel is making efforts to integrate the activities of network users that should enhance grid efficiency. Enel has already installed 32 million electronic meters in Italy, while in Spain the subsidiary Endesa will replace 13 million traditional electromechanical meters with smart meters. Electronic meters are the base on which the electricity grid can evolve, since they enable remote and automatic management of activities. Customers can check their meter reading and manage their contract remotely, while also having solutions available that integrate electric vehicle charging systems into the grid. 

The charging infrastructure is another demonstration of Enel's commitment to the design of an agile electricity grid that is tailored to new consumer needs. The Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology already tested in Spain by Endesa uses electric vehicle batteries for energy storage, so that they can supply energy to the grid to help satisfy any eventual peaks in demand. Vehicle to Home (V2H) meanwhile the battery in the same manner in order to manage electricity loads at home and helping to lower the bills.

The Group is investing energy storage, which will be essential in future electricity grid management, in particular given in the considerable growth of unpredictable renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power. In Isernia an ion lithium battery has been installed and integrated into the local electric vehicle charging infrastructure, while other types are being tested in Spain: an ion lithium-lead-phosphate in Malaga and another three in the Canary islands.

The Isernia smart grid is also a laboratory where grid-integration of distributed generation will be perfected, as will the smart grid pilot project which will be carried out through a partnership between Enel Distribuzione and Hera in Modena.