Enel's User-Friendly E-Mobility

Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Enel's electric car charging systems are becoming increasingly smart, fast and adjusted to the most popular car models on the market. The number of solutions offered to 2.0 motorists grow with each passing day and bring together innovation, efficiency, standardisation and interoperability.

Charging stations are increasingly user-friendly, are adapted to the different systems used by the electric vehicles and provide electricity without binding users to any particular supplier. Versatility in car charging systems is one of the key aims for operators working on the development of electric mobility, and the Group's cutting-edge standardisation and interoperability solutions are the result of long-term research activities that have counted on partnerships with car manufacturers, energy and telecommunication companies, authorities and international organizations.   

The Fast Recharge system developed by Enel Distribuzione together with Renault provides 43 kilowatts of AC and offers a full charge in 30 minutes, a huge reduction on the six to eight hours the average charge takes.  

The FasTo station developed by Endesa integrates all the fast charging systems (CCS, IEC 626196-2 and CHAdeMO) currently used in electric vehicles into a single distribution structure.

The Group offers cutting-edge solutions in terms of accessibility, charging time and integration within the smart grid structure. Since 2010, Enel has created three generations of charging infrastructure and developed the Electric Mobility Management (EMM) system, which remotely monitors charges and makes the integration of charging stations more sustainable within the distribution network. Moreover, wireless in-motion charging systems are being tested and soon charging stations will be installed in a number of petrol stations across Italy.