Enel's Smart Meters Conquer the World

Published on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Electronic meters are key to ensuring that people remained well informed on their energy consumption and as a result a sustainable future. Enel a leader in the field thanks to its cutting-edge technology, and it's looking to take its expertise worldwide.

Smart metering is the cornerstone of both smart grids and energy efficiency, as the electronic meter monitors consumption and enables assessment of waste reduction measures, as well as offering prosumers a means with which to best manage their consumption habits.

Smart grids and cities are a hugely important part of today's energy industry, where innovation means electronic, IT and telecommunications interoperability – an area in which the Group is a world leader.

According to its 2013 Sustainability Report, Enel has installed about 38.8 million smart meters in Europe, with 34 million of those being in Italy. By 2018, an additional 13 million will be installed in Spain, while pilot smart metering projects have been begun in Chile and Brazil. At the end of last year over 3,000 Enel smart meters had been installed in the homes Ampla customers in Brazil.

Enel recently signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese state-owned utility State Grid Corporation of China that also covers smart metering, while a partnership with Malaysia's utility company will see the installation of 2,000 smart meters. In addition, a partnership with NEC Corporation established in 2012 has led to the development of smart grids, electronic meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. 

Enel intends to promote its energy efficiency technology in countries where rapid economic growth and urbanisation have resulted in increased energy demand, helping to spread sustainable energy culture and tools and have a positive effect in the fight against climate change.