Energy at Home and the Future of Energy

Published on Thursday, 26 June 2014

The objective of the Energy at Home workshop recently held in Brussels, which saw the participation of some of Europe's most important utilities, was to analyse energy efficiency technologies and best practices, in parallel with future energy scenarios. Sandra Scalari, Enel Engineering and Research Smart Grid Project Manager, represented Enel at the event.

'The development of new technologies is changing the shape of the energy industry, and along with it traditional models used by utilities,' said Scalari. 'The development of distributed generation has enabled the evolution of the energy and has changed the role of customers who are no longer merely energy consumers, but individuals who play an active role both in energy production and consumption management.'

However, the evolution of energy generation and distribution systems would not be possible if businesses like Enel had not been investing in research and innovation.

'One of the main objectives of Enel's research is to promote the sustainable development of the energy system, which in turn needs to integrate renewable energy and put efficiency policies into practice,' added Scalari. 'We are working on a number of projects that should help us better understand how, in the near future, customers will interact with each other and with energy suppliers as part of an integrated electric system.

'We believe that customers can play a leading role, as they are paying increasing attention to environmental sustainability and to ways in which energy consumption can be reduced. They are now able to actually interact with utilities.'

The European Union has demanded a reduction in primary energy consumption, in addition to an increased efficiency in energy use. Institutions, companies and citizens need to adapt to these new requirements, which will create a new and interesting market for utilities who can offer technology and commercial offers adapted to this new environment. Enel's has several solutions for its business customers that offer technology and services that enable the optimisation of their power consumption.