Growing and Facing the Challenges of the Future

Published on Thursday, 12 June 2014

'Honour and responsibility are the two words that best express both my initial thoughts upon being named president and how I feel about the role today,' said new Enel president Patrizia Grieco at the round-table discussion Opportunities and Challenges in Governance in a Time of Crisis, which was organised by Valore D alongside the Italian Stock Exchange and took place in Milan on 3 June. 'Honour at taking on the role but also a sense of responsibility for the commitment to guide a business that is important for the sustainable development within all the countries in which Enel operates. I will offer the Group all my skills and professionalism in aiding the growth of a business that is facing up to the latest challenges of the electricity industry.'

'The recent rise of female figures in Italian politics and management is an important step forward. However, in order to remove the barriers that hinder gender equality, top-down change, which some might says is necessary must be combined with a bottom-up change, which comes from society,' Grieco added. 'Individual merit and personal qualities should be the criteria for staff selection, the only true democratic principles of development and enhancement of human resources.'

To best perform the role's duties, Grieco will focus 'on the authority and contribution that the role of president can offer to the development and growth of the business through transparent and effective governance'.

The powers granted to the President-elect consist of the supervision of auditing activities, the application of corporate governance rules for the Board of Directors and the maintaining of relations with institutional organs and authorities in accordance with the Chief Executive Officer.