Sustainability Report Highlights CSR Excellence

Published on Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Transparent governance, the creation of economic value, the development of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the corporate social responsibility priorities established by Enel in its 2013 Sustainability Report, which outlines and measures its economic, social and environmental obligations and efforts.

The report confirms the business' strategy from the previous year, which focuses on energy efficiency, the development of smart grids and an increase in the quality of customer service. There has been an increasing focus on some of the main drivers of social inclusion, such as respect for human rights, the fostering of good relations with the communities in which Enel works and access to electricity.

The Sustainability Report, which highlights Enel's corporate social responsibility activities, also hosts a dossier on the Enabling Electricity programme, which was launched by Enel at the end of 2011 as a member of the Global Compact LEAD and the United Nation's Sustainable Energy for All programme and promotes access to energy. Enabling Electricity's goal was to double the number of its beneficiaries by the end of 2014 but reached its target much earlier than anticipated, with more than 2.3 million people worldwide being given energy access in 2013.

The document also includes information on the Enel Group's current key CSR projects, in addition to an overview of the principles that guide its corporate policies, such as its Code of Ethics, the Zero Tolerance Towards Corruption Plan and its Human Rights Policy. Enel is also the first energy group in the world to have undergone the Ceres-Aqua Gauge evaluation, an analysis of business' water resource management.

The 2013 Sustainability Report therefore offers further proof that Enel is continuing the commitment it made 11 years ago to achieve the highest standards of sustainability, and is putting that commitment at the heart of its aim to consolidate its position as one of the top players in the global energy market.