Enel Sharing its Innovation through Training

Published on Monday, 28 July 2014

Enel has gained a wealth of experience in every area of energy industry in the 50 years since it was established, developing expertise in energy generation and distribution, the development and implementation of new technologies and management of consumption, as well as the setting up of regulatory systems and environmental policies. The skills gained by the Group have turned it into a global incubator of excellence and both a point of reference point and a scientific partner in the training of technicians, academics, government functionaries and research centres.

Enel Foundation is committed to training experts from ministries, regulatory institutions and energy industry operators. Events in 2014 include the advanced training programme on environmental management and sustainable development for Chinese national and local government functionaries, partnership in the fifth international workshop of the Aspen Mediterranean Initiative held in June and entitled Arab Evolutions. The Mediterranean after the Global Slowdown and the Integration of renewable energy solutions in the Mediterranean electricity markets training course, which will take place in November.

A review of energy markets and regulatory models was at the centre of a workshop organised in Rio de Janeiro by Enel Foundation and the Italian Embassy in Brazil with the support of the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors. Representatives of ministries and energy industry authorities in Europe and Latin America met to discuss the importance of regulation in market integration, the spread of renewable energy and new technologies, as well as to define sustainable development policies.