Green Economy: the Solution to the Crisis

Published on Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Enel Foundation recently held a seminar in Venice that was co-organised with Venice International University and the Regional Environmental Service for Eastern Europe, to discuss the prospects for development of the green economy in Europe.

'We organised this event in order to take stock of the numerous green economy measures taken internationally both by public bodies and businesses,' said director of Enel Foundation Alessandro Costa. 'It is important to focus on where those involved are located, while carefully identifying and analysing how the issue intersects with the energy dynamics of the future.

'In order to tackle the recent economic crisis, which has also affected the energy sector, it is right to focus on the green economy as a means of growth. This is one of the main issues for the European energy industry, particularly in light of the directives and documents produced by the European Union and the fact that a number of countries, including both EU and non-EU nations, are taking steps in that direction.

'This demonstrates how utilities and major energy producers can and should be put at the service of socio-economic growth. However, this is not only a European issue. It is already on the agendas of world's major economic powers.'

Renewables will become increasingly important in the future, concluded Costa: 'Energy generation encourages industrial, economic and social development, a valuable asset that should not be wasted. Energy efficiency will play a central role in the future and it is one of the topics on which the Foundation is focusing its research.'