Employees Innovating in Spain

Published on Friday, 5 September 2014

Over the course of the last three years, the Busca y Encuentra Mejoras (BYEM) project promoted by Endesa in order to improve procedures, installations, systems and safety at hydropower plants has gathered 268 ideas from employees working at the Enel Group's hydropower facilities in Spain.

The crowdsourcing initiative has generated some impressive figures. Of Endesa's employees, 85 produced 268 ideas between 2011 and 2013, of which 166 have already produced tangible improvements within the plants, while 93 more are currently being implemented. Another 60 projects originating from the BYEM model, which Endesa now plans on extending across its generation facilities in Spain, have been unveiled this year.  

The contribution of employees and their proposals have made it possible to improve the safety of both workers and infrastructure, implement environmental and cost reduction measures, and improve the performance of individual components as well as that of overall processes. Additionally, the ideas gathered through the BYEM project have brought about cost cuts and an increase in revenues that have brought in and extra €6 million.

Skills create innovation, and that is the logic behind both BYEM and the Eidos Market project, the open innovation model offered to 71,000 Enel Group employees around the world that was launched this year. Based on a bottom-up approach, this project focuses on four areas: the role of individuals in Health and Safety, the improvement of professional performance, the environment and contact with customers.