Enel Working Towards an E-Mobility Future

Published on Monday, 15 September 2014

With the slogan 'our streets, our choice', European Mobility Week 2014, which will take place between 16-22 September and is being promoted by the European Commission, aims to raise awareness of the impact of transport and air quality and encourage alternative modes of transport.

One-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, meaning that links between it and environmental sustainability are very strong: in Europe alone transport leads to the emission of one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

Electric transportation is a big help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and Enel is putting a firm focus on both the growth of the e-mobility distribution network and the spread of electric vehicles through both agreements with manufacturers and Europe-wide development programmes.

One such example is Green eMotion, which brings together Europe's major electricity companies and has become a sounding board for Enel Group's EMM interoperability platform. Enel is currently working on setting up an efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure in both Italy, where more than 1,400 stations have been installed, and in Spain, which has more than 850 charging points. It has also signed several agreements with local and regional authorities in Italy and has launched partnerships with businesses such as TotalErg and Ikea.

Endesa has carried out a number of initiatives in Spain, including the Government's Movele project in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, Zem2All (Zero Emissions Mobility to All) and the recent all-inclusive Endesa end-to-end Charging Point Solution service.

The installation of electric mobility charging infrastructure is also playing a central role in the development of the Santiago and Bouzios SmartCity projects in Latin America.