Enel and Chile: a Green Alliance

Published on Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Enel Group has had an established presence in Chile for some time now; one that is becoming increasingly important and that will offer many more opportunities in the future, said former Chilean president Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagleduring his recent visit to Italy for a meeting with South American diplomats.

During his visit, Frei took the opportunity to visit Enel's headquarters in Rome, as well as the business' centres of excellence, including its research laboratories in Pisa and Livorno, where the marine wave energy converter is being developed, to the geothermal plant in Larderello, the heat exchanger in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and the Torrevaldaliga Nord plant in Civitavecchia.

Frei explained how the expertise developed by the Group in the geothermal, PV solar and wind power sectors, as well as in the field of renewable energy storage and distribution, can be used to Chile's advantage in optimising the use of its energy resources. 

'We need Enel's experience in areas like geothermal energy: we have more than 25 dormant volcanoes and all kinds of renewable energy sources that can be exploited,' said Frei. 'We also need to learn about cutting-edge technology such as wave and tide energy.

'Renewable energy requires technologically sound systems, because they don't have continuous production capability, and that means resorting to traditional energy three or four times a day.' 

Hence the need to strengthen the collaboration with Enel, which is capable of transferring skills developed in sectors such as distributed generation, smart grids and smart cities (capital city Santiago was at the heart of a project promoted by Enel in 2013).

Frei also expressed a positive opinion of the Group's new organisational structure, in which the holding company Enel Energy Europe took direct control of the Chilean Group Eneris. Thanks to this operation, Frei explained, 'we will have a more direct relationship' which will serve to strengthen both medium and long-term projects.

The Enel Group manages the generation, distribution and sale of energy for approximately 1.7 million customers in Chile, and it has a net production of about 20 terawatt hours that includes both traditional and renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and geothermal power.