Enel at the 2014 Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum

Published on Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Enel Distribuzione took part in the recent 2014Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum in Munich,  two days of meetings and workshops on electric and hybrid vehicles, with Enel Distribuzione Project Manager Giovanni Coppola, showcasing both the company's activities in the field and some of its cutting-edge technologies. 'We offered  a look at both our charging infrastructure and our product portfolio, which now also includes the Enel Fast Recharge Plus system, which is set to rolled out at  Eni petrol stations by the end of the year and will allow for three vehicles to be quickly charged  simultaneously', said Coppola at the event. 'We then showed the results of early testing of Italy's new vehicle charging-business model, which was developed taking into account the EU's recent clean trasport directive.'

'Our second presentation focused on Smart Charging, one of Enel's special charging technologies', added Coppola. 'The system not only features customer recognition and consumption billing, it also has a series of ancillary services that we will launch in early 2015 and will allow customers to set up both charging timers and their desired charging status, based on grid availability or nearby renewable energy plants. This way we will be able to meet customers' needs while also efficiently managing network loads and aiding the integration of  medium and low voltage renewable energy plants into the system.'

'Innovations such as Enel Fast Recharge Plus will enable electric mobility to be finally untethered  from the urban environments  to which it has been confined up to now', concluded Coppola. 'This year, electric vehicle sales in Italy have doubled compared to 2013, but we are only dealing with a few thousand units, because the market is still in the early stage of development. However, in the past we have seen how these “revolutionary” technologies have experienced slow growth in their early years, only to then grow exponentially. As such it is very important for a company such as Enel to be among the first to introduce to the market products and services that have great potential for growth'.