Enel Takes Part in Italy-Africa Energy Partnership

Published on Thursday, 16 October 2014

Among the initiatives organised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  in order to strengthen relations between Italy and Africa is Italia-Africa, a forum involving African nations, the European Union and several international organisations  that underlines the role played by Italy in Africa and has the aim of promoting sustainable development across the continent.

The Enel Group took part in the recent Working Together for a Sustainable Energy Future conference, which took place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Rome. Enel CEO  Francesco Starace spoke in a round-table discussion moderated by the International Energy Agency's Chief Economist Faith Birol and the Foreign Ministry's Director General for Global Affairs Luigi Marras, which featured energy policy experts and representatives of the Italian energy industry.

'Africa is set to became the driver for technological change: its economic and demographic growth is a guarantee for an energy business like Enel' said Starace at the event. 'The market has seen an increase in electricity sales and it is also an incubator of new technologies, not just regarding renewable but also for conventional energy, networks and mini-networks'.

  Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini spoke at the debate Competitive Development of Renewable Energy Technologies: Why multi-year pluri-technological plans are crucial. 'Enel Green Power is offering its experience and support in sub-Saharan Africa, because we believe that renewable energy is the key to strengthening competition in production and ensuring a more secure energy supply”, said Venturini. “South Africa has an important role for EGP: last May we connected the  first  PV solar power plant to the country's grid, where we have gone from zero to more than 500 megawatts of installed capacity in less than three years'.

Analysis of investment prospects in energy generation, alongside the development of transmission grids and renewable energy, will be crucial for the growth across the whole region.