Enel's Online Costumer Service Solutions

Published on Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It might not be a celebrity but @alertachilectra has 91,400 followers online, with the Twitter profile of the Enel Group's Chilean subsidiary building up that following by offering around the clock distribution service information and alerts for consumers in 33 municipalities in and around Santiago. Among the services that use social and digital channels to reach consumers, @alertachilectra is a Group success story – but it's not the only one.

Enel's has had an established presence on social media for many years now, with the business increasingly making use of Facebook and Twitter profiles to communicate with customers and the online community. In Italy its corporate blog Enelsharing is present on all major social media, through which it reports on corporate and industry events and Group activities, as well as works and service management. Enelsharing brings storytelling together with useful information and is the online voice of Enel. However it also has similar channels in Iberia and Latin America, where a community of almost 45,000 users is involved in Twenergy, a sustainability and energy efficiency initiative.

Enel is also developing a range of mobile applications. Besides the apps that had already been created for use in Italy and on the global market, in Brazil, Chile and Peru, recently or set to be launched apps will allow customers to use their smartphones or tablets to manage their contracts, speak to customer care services, find out all about new offers and monitor consumption and expenses. These apps go hand in hand with the web-based services that are available in all the countries where the Group operates, including the Agência Virtual set up by Ampla in Brazil, Edesur's Oficina Virtual in Argentina and Radar Condesa, an online mapping service set up by the Group's company in Bogotá that helps customers find stores and information centres.