Enel's Digital Strategy

Published on Friday, 28 November 2014

Enel's digital strategy is one of the ways that it is facing up to the challenges of the global energy market, an integrated and ongoing project draws on the benefits of the Group's international presence and as such from a wide range of shared skills that help to increase competitiveness.

Enel's digital strategy makes use of a number of tools and is having an impact across the board, from generation to infrastructure, networks and the market.

In distribution for instance, in Italy Enel has digitalised both networks and combined cycle plants, which has been essential for the development of smart grids. Additionally, thanks to the complete digitalisation of medium and low voltage networks, Enel can manage the consistent increase in distributed generation that has taken place over the last few years.

Enel's digital strategy has also had an impact on energy generation, affecting the generation prediction models being used in the laboratories of Catania in Italy and resulting in studies that help define models for the degradation of PV solar panels. Over the last few years Enel has implemented the Future Enel predictive maintenance project in Slovakia together with Boston-based MIT, while in Chile it has begun working on a predictive monitoring system forEndesa plants, thanks to a partnership with technology business Contac and the University of Chile.

Also important is the experimentation that involves end users. In Italy, distributors and customers are actively involved in the Isernia project, which monitors consumption through a broadband connection based on the Wi-Max communication protocol and fibre optic communications system, making use of the remote control system already instituted during the installation of smart meters.