Smart Tech Beating Electricity Thieves

Published on Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Specialist magazine Exame has included Ampla's anti-electricity theft system among the top 10 innovations of the last decade in Brazilian industry. Known locally as gatos, electricity thefts cost electricity companies in Brazil up to R$10 billion of lost revenue for and are costing the Enel Group's distribution subsidiary R$250 million per year, as well as losses of up to 24 percent of supplied energy.

The Amplachip is as small as the results achieved are important, the electronic heart of a device that, inspired by telephone technology and based on the SGP+M system, replaces the mechanical consumption-measuring component contained in the electronic meter. At the end of each day Ampla's chip sends accurate consumption information, enabling a more efficient remote management of supplies, line disruptions and reactivations.

Smart technology has resolved at its root a problem that Ampla had been trying to address for years by replacing distribution cables and intensifying an already fruitful dialogue with consumers and local communities established through the Consciência Ampla social programme.

Through an initial investment of R$444 million Ampla has installed the device inside the meters of more than 700,000 consumers and cut the rate of electricity theft from 60 percent to 10 percent, and the Enel Group business is planning to extend the smart technology to the meters of all of its customers.