Enel: Sustainability from the Worksite to the Stock Exchange

Published on Friday, 12 December 2014

Sustainability is a common denominator of Enel's social, economic and environmental activities, and this is carried out in a number of ways on the basis of the principles of the Ethics Code, the Zero Tolerance for Corruption Plan, the Human Rights Policy and the 231 Organisational and Management Model. That can be seen in a number of operational areas, even if sometimes they're less well known.

These include sustainable worksites, where the focus is on a rational use of resources and attention towards the health of workers. Each area of the worksite is designed with sustainability in mind, from the choice of materials to be used for operations to the environmentally friendly management of the worksite once construction begins, and right up to the plant's operational stage. The "sustainable worksite" model also involves the constant monitoring of activities, with the aim of mapping environmental performance within the site.

Sustainability is pursued also through efficiency in generation. In the thermal power sector in particular, the innovation of technology and of production and management processes play a key role in reducing the plants' environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

In renewable energy, Enel Green Power has focused on excellence in engineering, procurement and construction and operations and maintenance. Efficiency in construction, plant management and optimisation of maintenance and operation costs leads to increased generation, less impact ion the environment, the development of economies of scale and improved results.

The grid automation implemented by Enel in its distribution activities over the years has not only improved service quality and lowered operational costs, but has also reduced consumption and energy losses. The remote control systems installed by Enel in all its primary and secondary substations in Italy have also improved electricity supply to consumers.

Sustainability and social responsibility can also be seen in Enel's relations with consumers. It has adopted smart solutions for consumption control and the active participation of consumers, ranging from theĀ  experimentation of Enel Info+ to Bolletta Zoom, a service already used by Enel Energia customers.

Enel's commitment to sustainability is acknowledged internationally and has been recently confirmed by the recent admission of the Group into the prestigious CDP Italy Climate Disclosure Leadership 2014 index and in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders, which includes global companies with a leading role environmental and social sustainability and governance. Additionally, Enel has been confirmed in the FTSE4Good index, and in September, following the