Promoting Universal Access to Electricity Through Renewable Energy

Published on Monday, 22 December 2014

Limited access to electricity is still a widespread problem in a large number of areas in the world. According to data published by the International Energy Agency, about 1.2 billion people currently lack access to electricity. One of the keys to solving this issue is the large-scale use of renewable energy, which is sustainable, efficient and becoming less expensive with each passing day.

Last year Enel Foundation, in collaboration with the University Pontificia Comillas and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), launched a research project on universal access to energy whose main purpose is to develop low-cost technologies that adapt to environmental, socio-economic and geographic and climate conditions in the regions of Africa, Latin America and Asia where electricity is still not available.

Combining European renewable energy knowledge with raw material supplies in North Africa countries with rising populations and abundant energy resources is not only a viable response to growing energy demand, but also a driving force for economic development and the job creation.

The Enel Group is active in this process through its participation in RES4MED, a platform created by Enel Green Power alongside Edison, CESI, GSE, PwC and the Polytechnic University of Milan that the aim of creating the right conditions for the development of renewable energy and promoting an integrated energy market along the shores of the Med.

RES4MED has collaborated with the Enel Foundation and the Polytechnic University of Milan to organise the first edition of the Integration of Renewable Energy Solutions in the Mediterranean Electricity Markets training course, which was recently held at the university. Representatives from institutions, companies, universities and research centres operating in South-Eastern Mediterranean countries (SEMCs) had the opportunity to learn about the technical, financial and regulatory tools that are necessary for the integration of renewable energy technologies into emerging energy markets.