Coelce Helping Those Who Help the Environment

Published on Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Thanks to Conta Verde, a new initiative launched in Brazil by the Enel Group's electricity distribution business Coelce, it is now possible to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in exchange for a discount on energy bills. Coelce had previously promoted the Ecoelceprogramme as a part of Enabling Electricityinitiative, which made waste collection financially beneficial for customers.

The system developed by Coelce's Research & Development team measures both the amount of CO2 emissions produced by each client's electricity consumption and the amount saved through the recycling of waste. Those participating in the programme receive a discount on their electricity bills proportional to the cut in emissions.

'A large quantity of C02 emissions can now be cut thanks to a judicious use of electricity and the recycling of waste. Each Coelce customer's contribution will be looked at and the greenestconsumers will be rewarded,' said Coelce's Head of Environment Sérgio Araújo. 'There are even cases in which customers are not only able to eliminate their emissions, but are also able to accumulate credit which is in turn deducted from their future bills.'

Ecoelce has been recognised by the United Nations for its contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. To date, 430,000 customers have benefited from the programme, more than 18 tonnes of garbage have been collected and the total number of discounts on utility bills amount to 2.38 million Brazilian Reais (BRL).

To take part in the programme, customers need to simply show their electricity bill to a service store or to one of the company's waste collection centres and they will receive an Ecoelce card. Each type of waste has a specific discount rate, and by using the card the value of that waste is automatically recorded on the customer's bill. If the bonus is greater than the total amount of the bill, the difference will be discounted on future bills.