Enel Committed to Innovation and New Ideas

Published on Friday, 13 February 2015

The three objectives of Pangea, an international platform that offers young people a space to express their ideas and creativity, is to awaken hidden talents, develop intellects and raise awareness of opportunities, and more than 200 of them, aged between 16 and 24, came from 65 countries to Madrid for Pangea. The 2015 Starting Point, an event that took place over 28-30 January and could count on Endesa as one of its supporters.

Created by young people for young people, Pangea aims to promote innovation through their creative talent. The event underlined the spirit of this initiative, with the participation of young start-uppers, creative professionals, founders of small businesses and dreamers with ambitious projects. Pangea promotes training through agreements with companies, organisations and start-ups, where they can play a central role.

'We have the chance to listen to them, to incorporate their ideas, to offer them their first  break and enable them to learn how a business works,' said Endesa's Head of Training and Selection Esther Clemente, explaining why the Spanish company supports Pangea. 'And we can also renew our vision thanks to their ideas and their way of seeing the world, because they are the future.'

Endesa added a further contribution to the event through its Be Inspirational Show side event, and its support of Pangea highlights its desire to promote young people and innovation, which can already be seen through its numerous open innovation initiatives, such as the Endesa 2244 platform or the INCENSe project, which is being carried out together with Enel and promotes clean-tech companies.

Young people and open innovation are two major features of the Group's philosophy, and over the years Enel has carried out a wide range of initiatives aimed at developing start-ups, providing top-level training to young people and supporting cutting-edge energy ideas that are often conceived by innovative companies established by young men and women from countries the Group operates in.