Enel Cutting Lighting Consumption, Costs and CO2

Published on Monday, 9 February 2015

Enel Sole and Endesa's work together in installing efficient lighting systems in eight Spanish cities has led to record-breaking results, with electricity consumption cut by 64 percent and C02 emissions reduced by more than 4,300 tonnes per year.

By installing 40,113 cutting-edge lights that have replaced traditional lampposts, the two Enel Group companies have enabled the towns to reduce consumption and cut public expenditure, highlighting the value of Enel's smart lighting systems and technologies.

The eight record-breaking Spanish cities are Alcázares (Murcia), Móstoles (Madrid), Batea (Tarragona), Manacor (Balearic Islands) and the Andalusian towns of Vélez Rubio (Almería), Pruna (Seville), Écija (Seville) and Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba).

Endesa and Enel Sole's efficient lighting activities in Spain involve sixteen urban centres, in which since 2011 the pair have installed more than 80,000 lights and upgraded 90 percent of street lights. This has led in many cases to a halving of energy consumption.

Enel Soleoffers integrated services for thousands of towns in Italy, upgrading and managing their public lighting systems and traffic lights. Among these are Bologna (45,000 lights), Rimini (28,677 lights), Catanzaro (12,979 lights), Cosenza (14,470 lights), Paderno Dugnano (7,227 lights) and Alessandria (7,152 lights). In total Enel Sole manages more than 2,150,000 lights in 3,750 towns in Italy and abroad, and it has created some 1,200 domestic and international artistic lighting projects, both temporary and permanent.

Enel's public lighting projects have led the Group companies to install some 183,250 Archilede LED devices in more than 1,600 towns between 2009 and 2014, enabling an overall energy saving of around 111 gigawatt-hours.