Innovative Ideas the Perfect Replyto Enel's call

Published on Monday, 16 February 2015

The first call of the INCENSe programme, which is being promoted by the Enel Group in support of clean-techstart-ups, was a great success, with 230 applications coming in from 30 European countries – of which more than half from Italy and Spain – and Israel. Of the applications, 85 percent were presented by SMEs and the remaining 15 percent by individual entrepreneurs.

The 14 winners of the first call are now being selected and the names of the chosen start-ups will be released in April. Now INCENSe is convening businesses for its second call in June, following which another 28 projects will be admitted to the programme.

INCENSeis co-funded by the European Commission through the FIRWARE programme. With a budget of over €6 million, the clean energy super-accelerator has among its promoters Enel and Endesa, Danish energy start-up incubator Accelerace and FundingBox, the first and most important public platform for new businesses and researchers.

The schemeis for SMEs and start-ups that wish to develop internet based technologies in energy efficiency, domotics, renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage, automation, e-mobility, cyber security and digitalisation.

The programme aim is to promote innovation and help tech employment in the energy sector by developing market products and services that will make energy use smarter, more efficient and more reliable. It is part of awide range of initiatives promoted by the Group over the last few years that aim to help development of start-ups, sound training for young people and cutting-edge ideas in the energy sector.