Smart and Green Development in Chile and Colombia

Published on Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A vast availability of renewable energy resources, fast population growth, an increased demand for energy and infrastructure modernisation programmes are the key characteristics shared by Chile and Colombia, important Latin American countries in which the Enel Group operates daily to promote development while respecting the environment and local communities.

The Group operates in Chile in the generation, distribution and sale of energy through Enersis and its other subsidiaries. It is the country's leading energy producer and distributor, with an installed capacity of about 6.6 gigawatts, a net annual production of almost 20 terawatt-hours from traditional and renewable energy sources – hydropower, followed by both wind and PV solar power, which are soon to be joined by geothermal power – and over 1.7 million customers.

There is great synergy between Chile and Enel on different levels, from the generation of renewable sources – a field in which Enel Green Power's expertise in the geothermal, PV solar and wind power sectors, as well as storage, may be the ideal solution to optimise the country's resources – to advanced network technologies: its capital city Santiago is at the heart of a Smart City project launched in 2013.

The Enel Group is the largest private power company in Colombia through its local subsidiaries. Emgesa and Enel Green Power operate in the production sector, with an installed capacity of about 3GW (21.5 percent of the generation market), while Codensa and Empresa de Energía de Cundinamarca manage 65,000 kilometres of low and medium voltage networks, distributing energy to about three million customers in Bogotá and the surrounding area (25 percent of the market).

As part of a wider electricity transmission infrastructure development programme, Codensa is working on the construction of two new primary substations in Bogota, to meet the growing demand for electricity and guarantee service to nearly 10 million residents in the capital.

The improvement of network infrastructure is a priority for the Enel Group in order to meet the population's needs throughout Latin America, explained Head of Global Infrastructure and Networks Livio Gallo. 'The continent is undergoing a high rate of population growth and has numerous megacities. The growth of per capita consumption requires network security and reliability, and Enel is responding to this need with smart solutions in Latin American countries, beginning with remote control technology and the automation of distribution systems.'