Electric fill-up in Bogotà

Published on Monday, 23 March 2015

An abundance of renewable resources and a favourable regulatory framework, thanks to a law that facilitates their integration into the power system. The combination of these two factors makes Colombia one of the most promising markets in Latin America, particularly in terms of electric mobility. For this reason Enel Group, the country's leading private power company, has launched a series of projects in collaboration with strategic partners to promote the sector's development.

The subsidiaries Codensa and Emgesa, in collaboration with BMW, Nissan, BYD, Renault and Unicentro Mall, developed the first public charging station for electric vehicles in Colombia. The new infrastructure, which is open 24 hours a day, is located in the parking lot of the Unicentro mall in Bogotá. It is equipped with three conventional charge connectors and two fast charge connectors, and is compatible with all the e-cars currently on the market in the country.

Electric vehicle owners can either purchase a package of 40 recharging units (with an estimated travelling range of 240 km), or pay per actual consumption. In both cases, customers can have the amount charged directly on their energy bill. Codensa will soon also activate an app for smartphones and tablets with many services for customers.

As far as the public transport sector, the Group has launched an initiative to charge 50 e-taxis in Bogotá and has participated in the project, TransMilenio, in order to provide technical assistance for the construction of high capacity e-bus infrastructure.

The Group zero emissions mobility goal is also reflected in the subsidiaries' company mobility. Emgesa and Codensa have made 16 electric cars and 48 electric bicycles available to employees for daily use, while the E-Bike to Work commuting programme involved more than 300 employees for a total of 12 thousand trips. Emgesa has also purchased 15 electric vehicles and 34 electric motorcycles, constituting Colombia's largest environmentally-friendly corporate fleet.