Enel in Latin America: Green, Grids and Customers

Published on Friday, 13 March 2015

Enel is growing in Latin America thanks to the new renewable power plants that are being put into service and the building of both PV solar fields and wind farms. But the Group's presence on the continent is not limited to energy generation, as its subsidiaries also operate in distribution and on the retail market with the same vitality that marks out its ongoing development of green energy and the smart evolution of the electricity grid.

In Chile, Mexico and Brazil the Group has recently made new progress in the field of renewable energy, in particular in wind power. In March EGP completed and grid-connected new plants: the 61-megawatt Talinay Poniente wind farm in Chile, which consists of 32 turbines, and the 102MW Sureste I-Phase II wind farm in Mexico, which has 34 turbines each with a capacity of three megawatts. The number of building sites has also increased: EGP has started building the Esperança wind farm in Brazil, the last part of the 118MW Serra Azul complex, which once online will be able to generate more than 500 gigawatt-hours per year.

On the electricity retail market Enel has almost 15 million customers in the five Latin American countries in which it operates, which have different characteristics but the same consumption growth and changing consumer needs for people who require not only supply contracts but also value-added services.


CountryRetail market Group CompanyNumber of Customers
BrazilPrátil, Ampla e Coelce6.514.000


Enel Group companies has a range of responses to the needs of Latin American consumers and its portfolio of retail deals is continually expanding thanks to energy efficiency solutions and  products, financial services, domestic energy generation systems, electric home appliances and electric bicycles.