Enel's Growth in Brazil and Peru

Published on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Renewable energy, quality of supply and technological innovation are Enel's main project scopes in Latin America, a continent with a strong growth potential and a key area for the Group's activities,  as recently confirmed in the 2014-2019 Business Plan .

The Director of Global Infrastructure and Networks Livio Gallo  visited Brazil and Peru, where the Group is implementing strategic projects. 'In order to improve the quality of our services, we are developing remote control technologies and  workforce management, a system that optimises processes and improves the operational team performance ,' said Gallo.

The Enel Group operates in Brazil through Ampla and Coelce for energy distribution of, and  Enel Green Power for energy generation through a combined cycle power plant in Fortaleza, a hydropower plant in Cachoeira and other Enel Green facilities. The Enel Group company for renewable energy generation recently began construction on the Esperança wind farm, the final segment of the Serra Azul complex, with a total installed capacity of 118 megawatts. Enel Green Power also won a public tender for the allocation of over 250 MW of solarPV , which offer great development opportunities to a country that is among the world's top renewable energy producers.

Electricity consumption data reveal that Brazilian customers are more aware and lead more environmentally friendly behaviours . 'Enel is investing in solutions that promote this kind of awareness: smart meters, smart stations, systems for Big Data analysis. Smart City Bouzios is an important example in Latin America,“ said Gallo.

Enel's investments are rising across the board in Peru. The Group is a leader in the renewable energy industry, particularly hydropower, through Edegel – with a total installed capacity of 750MW, which can produce about 4.5 billion kWh of clean energy per year. The company has also launched hydro and thermal power generation projects, with plants that amount to some 800 MW. Moreover Enel produces 300MW of thermoelectric power through Empresa Eléctrica de Piura (EEPSA).

The Group also operates in Peru's distribution sector through Edelnor. Enel's subsidiary supplies power to approximately 1.3 million customers in northern Lima and the surrounding area. In 2014 it invested a record amount of 422 million "nuevos soles", a 33 percent rise compared to 2013, aimed to improve network quality. A lot must be done in terms of energy supply quality and efficiency of: in order to reduce the gap between the capital and other areas of the country, the Group has undertaken new challenges and has begun to develop network automation and remote control systems, as well as LED street lighting. Finally, at  the COP 20 held in Lima in December, Edelnor launched a new electric vehicle on the Peruvian market.