Innovation Going Back to School With Enel

Published on Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The partnership between two universities in Italy and Spain and Enel Group businesses Endesa and Enel Distribuzione has led to the creation of courses for students who wish to study smart grids, energy efficiency, distributed generation, green energy and the cutting-edge solutions that are changing the world of electricity.

On 3 March Cátedra Endesa RED, an electricity education centre established in 2008 that originates from a partnership with Endesa and the University of the Balearic Islands, launched Expert Universitari en Energia Eléctrica, a new course that aims to teach skills relating to the Spanish electricity system and market, as well as offer in-depth analyses on regulations, technology and innovation. Cátedra Endesa RED is aimed at technicians, experts and university researchers and also acts as an incubator for cutting-edge projects ranging from e-mobility to the development of green energy.

In Italy the Polytechnic of Milan and Enel Distribuzione have created a Science Masters in electrical engineering that focuses on topics regarding renewable energy, innovation, automation and smart grids, with the aim of promoting specialist training programmes that will complete the traditional preparation of electrical engineers. The agreement between the Polytechnic of Milan and Enel Distribuzione is part of a broader scientific partnership regarding core energy sector issues, with a particular focus being placed on technologies best adapted to meeting the needs of both the electricity grid and customers, given new uses for electricity such as e-mobility and the spread of distributed generation from renewable energy sources.