Enel and Endesa With the 14 INCENSe Startups

Published on Monday, 20 April 2015

"We want to work with startups and involve them in our innovation, so together we can change the world of energy", said the Enel Group's Head of Innovation and Sustainability Ernesto Ciorra, in occasion of the awards ceremony of the 14 startups selected by the business accelerator INCENSe (INternet Cleantech ENablers Spark), which took place on April 17 at Enel's Auditorium in Rome.

Electric mobility, smart sensors, Cloud network management platforms, apps for consumption optimisation, breakdown alert systems. These are just a few of the fields in which the 14 startups selected by INCENSe - a project dedicated exclusively to clean technology,  which is coordinated by Enel and supported by the EU Commission through the FIWARE programme – want to make the difference.

"We need people who want to change the world", emphasised Ciorra, who added: "Today, not being connected and not having access to internet means not having information. And not having information means not being free. We provide electricity so that people can be free".


The INCENSe programme was launched by Enel, Endesa, Accelerace and FundingBox with the aim of encouraging innovation and growth of high-tech employment in the energy sector by developing products and services related to green technologies. And the open innovation philosophy behind the programme is a distinctive trait of the Group new course, which at the awards ceremony for the 14 startups was also represented by Enel's Head of Global Information and Communication Technology Carlo Bozzoli.

A grant of up to €150,000 – free and without equity considerations, and a six-month participation in an incubation programme supported by experts in this sector are now lying ahead of the 14 winning startups: Exploded View S.L. (Spain), Vatia Energia S.L. (Spain), Nozomi Networks (Switzerland), ReMoni (Denmark), ZENUP srl (Italy), Hevo Power (Netherlands), Sensewaves S.A.S. (France), GreenApes (Italy), Geratriz, Lda (Portugal), nJoin (Israel), CloudGrid (Denmark), Applied Research to Technologies srl (Italy), Snapback (Italy), and TERA srl (Italy). These startups have been chosen because they have a huge technology and business potential and have demonstrated that they are capable of changing the role of the energy market.

On June 15 a second open call will be launched  for  another 28 projects. Overall the INCENSe business accelerator will involve 42 cutting-edge startups with a total budget of almost eight million euros co-funded by the European Union.