Mexico, EGP and Enel Cuore for Children in the Zapotec Community

Published on Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Students from the Emilio Zapata elementary school in the rural community of Aguascalientes La Mata (located in the Municipality of Ixtaltepec, in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico),  can now access a better education and the possibility to discover the potential of new technologies.

During the month of March, the school received the necessary equipment to set up a complete media room. This is just the first result of the project “Connect to educate”, promoted by Enel Green Power Mexico and Enel Cuore (an Enel Group non-profitorganisation), in collaboration with the Mexican NGO Comitato Melendre.

The goal of the initiative is to provide children from 6 to 12 years of age with a high quality educational environment, featuring technological equipment, services and basic supplies such as tables, chairs, computers and relative media, projectors, blackboards, desks and an internet connection.

'Social development is essential to grant children the possibility of having a better future and life, and one of its key factors is education,' said Oscar Salcido, Sustainability Manager for Mexico and Central America at Enel Green Power . 'The initiative – he added – is aimed at improving the quality of education and the academic success of all students at the Emiliano Zapata school, thus positively contributing to the social development of this rural community.'

The donation to the school in the Aguascalientes La Mata community was a result of the competition Your Idea Flies High, promoted in 2013 by Enel and Enel Cuore. The initiative was launched at a worldwide level and involved the Group's employees, who were invited to propose projects by non-profit  organisations in their countries, in order to receive financial support. Among the six projects published by EGP in Mexico, the most voted one was “Connect to educate”. The program was developed by the Melendre Committee, which works on the development of the Zapotec community (an indigenous group that lives in the state of Oaxaca), promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, preserving the Zapotec culture and granting people of the community the opportunity to develop their intellectual, artistic and professional abilities.