Romania is Greener and More Efficient With Enel

Published on Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Enel brings energy efficiency, renewable energy and responsible consumption to Romanian homes. In fact, the Group company, which in this country operates on the electricity distribution market with some 2.7 million customers, has created various initiatives aimed to spread sustainable lifestyles and low-carbon energy use.

Energy saving lamps are at the core of an initiative following which the village of Colibasi, in the Giurgiu district (region of Muntenia), has become part of the reduced group of Romanian urban centres whose residents only use low-consumption device to light their homes. In 2014 this project reached 3,000 beneficiaries at 1,300 homes of various locations in this country, with expected savings of around 100,000 Lei. "In its first four years, this project for the promotion of energy efficiency in domestic environments has reached some 5,200 homes", explained Enel Romania's Head of Communications Radu Cosarca.

Renewable energy and environmental awareness are the combination on which the Mega Tree project is based. Promoted by Enel Romania together with the NGO MaiMult Verde, this initiative "was launched in November 2012 when the country entered a partnership with the association committing to plant three trees for every 10MWh of green energy that is used by our customers", Cosarca added. Volunteers from the NGO and Enel Romania employees have jointly planted 13,000 trees, of which 8,000 last year.

Involving local communities is essential for spreading awareness regarding environmental sustainability. And the two examples taking place in Romania evidence the change of prospect that the whole Group is making through the promotion and tangible application of the Creating Shared Value approach, which aims to place sustainability at the centre of corporate processes, thus consolidating a business model that is centered on the creation of shared value based on listening to and involving local communities, as well as on the rational use of resources.