Sustainable Chile Grows With Enel

Published on Wednesday, 15 April 2015

In March, Chile's renewable energy broke through the 2GW of installed capacity. This result was achieved thanks to Enel Green Power, which put into service its Talinay Poniente wind farm, in the region of Coquimbo. This coincidence on the one hand demonstrates the primary role that Enel's renewable energy company plays in the development of this Latin American country's green sources, on the other it shows to what extent the Group participates in its sustainable growth.

Enel presence in Chile is wide-ranging and includes energy generation, distribution and sales. Through Enersis and its other subsidiaries, the Group has beaten several records: it's the major electricity producer and distributor, with an installed capacity amounting to around 6.6GW and a net annual generation of almost 20TWh between traditional and renewable sources; it has built Smart city Santiago, the first one of its kind in this country; with EGP it reached 534MW of installed capacity from new renewable sources, more than doubling the country's second producer. On top of this it has over 1.7 million retail market end users from Chilectra, which offers customers an increasing amount of tailored and added value deals, including the eco-energia full electric project.

Innovation, smart-tech and renewable energy are three development sources in this Latin American country that has set ambitious targets for itself in the field of economic and energy sustainability. And the Group meets this request also through the digital and smart development of electricity grids, thanks to Enel Distribuzione know-how and new technological solutions such as those at the centre of the agreement that EGP set up to create precisely in Chile a Marine Energy Research and Innovation Centre (MERIC) of global excellence for the development of new technologies.