Enel in Latin America: all-round development

Published on Monday, 18 May 2015

Renewable energy, distribution grids, retail market and a lot more. For Enel Latin America is an ever-evolving worksite: it presents a diversified, widespread and growing presence – Enersis' positive first quarter figures are the latest testimony of the all-round development – and is a basis for the future growth of the company, which accordingly allocates 49 percent of investments to this continent..

With a net installed capacity of more than 18,000 MW the Group can count in this continent on a geographical and technological diversification that involves online thermoelectric and renewable plants with operations in nine countries. In addition to generation, retail market activities involve 14 million customers in five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Enel's renewable growth in Latin America has long been a common thread of the Group's presence in this continent. Green sources already account for the largest share in the company's generation mix in the macro-region that goes from the Gulf of Mexico to Tierra del Fuego and over the 2015-2019 period they are set to grow by 38 percent between Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Only in May Enel Green Power in Chile put  an 18 MW solar PV field into service, and the construction of two PV plants (Carrera Pinto and Pampa Norte) was launched, for a total installed capacity of 176MW. Additionally, the renewable energy company won the right to sign energy sales contracts with the 90 MW Cristalândia wind farm in Brazil.

Distribution grids are another development front in a continent that already presents two of Enel's smart grids in the world, in Brazil and Chile. At the same time the Group is asked to contribute to the implementation of infrastructures and lines that are not always suitable for the economic and consumption growth trend common to almost all countries in this region, which still includes smart grid projects alongside large rural areas lacking access electricity.