Enel Russia: Environmentally-Useful Innovation

Published on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

This is the beginning of a new season for the Reftinsky plant and of a revolution for Russia's entire electicity generation. Thanks to an environmental retrofitting programme that was launched years ago by Enel Russia, the plant that has been built in the region of Sverdlovsk in the Urals plays an increasingly innovative role in the modernisation process of the country's plants, an on May 13th. has made a new step forward in the innovation path with the inauguration of new systems for the filtration of the flue gases with fabric filters in Unity 7.

The "energy giant of the Urals", as the Reftinsky was defined in the mid-90s, has been since its creation a symbol of the Russian energy industry, and the latest environmental retrofitting confirms its role. The filters installed at the plant's 500 MW unity are the first of its type ever installed at a Russian plant and will allow to reduce ash emissions by 99.9% that are equivalent to 10,000 tonnes per year. Additionally, over 2015 a similar modernisation will be extended to the two 300 MW GRES Reftinsky units, thus further increasing sustainability levels and protecting this specific area.

Enel Russia has a gross installed capacity of 9.677 MW from four thermoelectric plants. The GRES – the electricity generation plants of the Russian State districts – operate in the region of the Urals (Reftinskaya GRES, Sredneuralskaya GRES), in the north of the Caucasus (Nevinnomysskaya GRES) and in the country's central region (Konakovskaya GRES).

"Modernisation of the existing generation facilities and improvement of their environmental performance are among the most important tasks that the energy sector is facing today. Enel Russia is committed to bringing forward its environmental retrofitting program at Reftinskaya GRES, despite the current challenging environment, through the introduction of new technologies and by contributing to the modernization and overall development of the Russian energy system", Enel Russia's General Manager Carlo Palasciano Villamagna underlined.

Innovation and technology play a central role in the development of Enel Russia, which in its constant environmental retrofitting process of its thermoelectric plants is capitalising the entire Group's know-how as regards efficiency and modernisation. In particular, the Reftinsky facility is characterised as a privileged location for Enel's best practice sharing. In 2014 the facility on the shore of the Bolshoi Reft played a central role at Innoprom, the largest industrial fair in the whole of Russia, due to its innovations in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The GRES is also at the centre of joint research work between Enel and the Ural Federal University of Ekaterinburg, focused precisely on the energy efficiency enhancement of thermoelectric plants and, not less important, where the drones developed by Enel are used to rapidly inspect the inside of large boilers at thermoelectric plants.