Enel's Sustainability is Now a Focus in The Guardian

Published on Thursday, 11 June 2015

The end of May has marked the start of an editorial agreement between Enel and the online platform of the authoritative British newspaper The Guardian.

The partnership with the online daily - one of the most popular among public and private stakeholders, international experts and investors -  aims to create a global debate on a number of cross-cutting issues connected with the energy sector, including innovation, sustainability and fighting climate change.

These issues will be covered by Enel in their various aspects and contexts, tackling topics such as energy transition in developed nations, the tumultuous growth of energy demand in developing countries and emerging economies, the green-techs and  the sustainability strategies that are expected to direct the energy market over the coming decades.

The agreement with The Guardian entails the publication of one  article a week to be written jointly with  Enel. The analyses will be hosted in dedicated website section called Enel partner zone. In this section readers will find the previously  published articles as well as features on the Enel Group and on topics regarding the #energyaccess campaign, in particular those related to sustainability, innovation, access to energy and creating shared values within the communities of the countries in which the Group operates.

As part of the #energyaccess campaign, Enel also supports the Global Development Professionals Network and the Public Leaders Network, whose articles – dealing with issues regarding the energy sector and its sustainable development – are exclusively controlled by The Guardian in editorial and journalistic terms.

The campaign, which will last until the end of 2015, will also include some live debating sessions: a sort of online live streaming question time on specific topics, aimed to reach and involve a wide audience and in particular opinion leaders and experts in the field.

The campaign, which was launched on May 28, began with the publication of a long interview with Enel CEO Francesco Starace and the article's title explains the reasons for the undertaking: 'People are surprised when they hear a utility company speak about sustainability'. In fact, the partnership with The Guardian allows Enel to put key issues for the future of energy on the table, inviting all stakeholders who are interested to take part in the debate on complex but essential topics for the environment and the global economy.