Published on Thursday, 30 July 2015

Efficient fridges to replace old ice boxes and freezers and reduced bills to reward people who recycle. These are the basic ideas of the Troca Eficiente and Ecoelce projects, which Coelce has been carrying out for almost a decade in the Brazilian state of Ceará to promote responsible and efficient use of energy in low-income communities. These ideas are as simple as they are effective, considering the results the Enel Group company has achieved in Brazil through these initiatives.

400 new fridges are being given out in the barrios of Ceará, where Coelce has been carrying out the Troca eficiente project since 2009, with the objective of promoting the responsible and efficient use of electricity. The initiative makes it possible for low-income residents of 63 municipalities in the Brazilian state to replace their old electric appliances with new devices that do away with waste and therefore reduce consumption and costs. To date, Coelce has provided almost 10,000 geladeiras in exchange for old fridges, allowing the locals taking part in the Troca Eficiente project to reduce their home electricity consumption by up to 70 percent. Additionally, the programme has involved the treatment of approximately 2,100 litres of lubricating oil and the re-generation of some 910 kilos of HCFC gas recovered from more than 55,000 fridges.

Waste in exchange for reduced bills is the winning combination of Ecoelce. Under this programme, which was launched 2007, the waste recovered from customers in the most disadvantaged areas of Ceará is dropped at easily accessible collection points and moving stations in the various neighbourhoods of the State towns where Coelce carries out the initiative. The different types of waste are weighed and valued at market price, in order to determine a reduction of the bill. The waste assessment is immediately registered on the customer's card so that the equivalent reduction can be transmitted to the energy supply billing system. So far 105 collection points have been set up – the latest one was recently unveiled at the Shopping Riomar of Fortaleza – allowing Coelce to involve 433,000 customers and to collect more than 19 tonnes of waste that have resulted in 2,760,851 reais discounted from electricity bills.