Published on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Electric cars are spreading in Chile and Colombia thanks to the two Enel Group companies. Continuing along a path taken up many years ago, Chilectra and Codensa continue to carry out new e-mobility projects. The latest one was launched by the Chilean company, which has incorporated the new Kangoo ZE vans into its customer service fleet. By signing an agreement with Renault and the leasing firm Tattersall, Chilectra has become the first company in this Latin American country to use full-electric vehicles in its operational fleet.

Chilectra's e-mobility has a long history. The company has developed -starting in 2010 in the country's capital Santiago de Chile -Electrolinera, an e-mobility infrastructure network for public and private recharge, also providing special tariffs for electric drivers. Following agreements with automotive manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Renault, Chilectra has promoted the spread of zero-emission transport in Chile, acting as a testimonial for the more than 1.7 million customers that it serves in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago

In Colombia the Enel Group is among the main promoters of sustainable mobility through its subsidiaries Codensa and Emgesa, which in this Latin American country hold a number of national records in the field of electric cars. Together with BMW, Nissan, ByD, Renault and Unicentro Mall, they have built Colombia's first electric vehicle recharge station in Bogotá, with a new infrastructure that works around-the-clock and is equipped with three connectors for traditional recharge and two for rapid recharge, compatible with all e-cars currently being sold in the country. In the area of public transport, the Group has also launched an initiative aimed at powering 50 e-taxis in Bogotá and has taken part in the TransMilenio project, providing technical assistance for the construction of the infrastructure required to run high-capacity electric buses.

Emgesa and Codensa are also direct testimonials of sustainable mobility in Colombia. In fact, these companies have made available 16 cars and 48 bicycles – all electric – for daily use by their employees, and the E-Bike to Work programme for home-work commuting has logged 12,000 journeys and involved more than 300 employees at these two companies. Additionally, Emgesa has purchased 15 cars and 34 motorcycles – all electric –, making it the owner of the largest environmentally-friendly corporate fleet in Colombia.