Published on Friday, 24 July 2015

Almost 3000 ideas for the home of the future. That is the first result achieved by  NO.V.A. – Nós Vivemos o Amanhã ("We are living tomorrow"), the crowdsourcing initiative that Ampla launched in Brazil, whose project and proposal submission period is about to end. Since November 2014, when it was launched by the Enel Group company, this platform has generated a panoply of creativity and innovation, to the benefit of sustainability. In fact, a perusal of the website's pages reveals all sorts of projects, having in common the objective of designing a functional and efficient living space that is both human- and environmentally friendly.

Open innovation and shared sustainability are the two main features of NO.V.A, which has created a veritable movement, in which people have challenged themselves to develop proposals that aim to meet the needs of daily domestic life, combining necessity, technology and imagination.  From water-saving devices to waste-recycling systems and construction materials that make it possible to use energy efficiently: NO.V.A. participants have helped to invent the home of the future by pooling efforts and ideas and by searching for the best solutions around the world, with a particular focus on the use of solar energy. Following the logic of crowdsourcing, all participants presented their proposals while also voting and commenting on those of other members of the community that has grown around the initiative. Social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) have helped produce a torrent of idea sharing, increasing day by day the amount of people involved in the NO.V.A slogan: "We are living tomorrow."

At the end of the crowdsourcing stage, on July 31, the Artur Casas firm will combine the most voted ideas to start designing the home of the future, which will be built in Niterói by 2016. In the meantime, all those who have participated in the initiative will receive a recognition based on  their proposal's success on the platform, and the author of the most popular project will be assigned an "Oracolo" digital medal and will fly to Italy to visit EXPO 2015.

The living space will become a research laboratory to enhance energy efficiency and study the impact of technology on daily life. The NO.V.A. project is supported by an investment of 5 million reais (around US$2 million), financed by the National Electricity Agency Research and Development Programme, with the participation of the municipal government of Niterói, the Getulio Vargas Foundation and the Catholic Pontifical University of Rio, alongside Ampla. Prátil, another Enel Group company in Brazil, specialised in smart energy technological solutions, will be involved in the second stage of the initiative.