Published on Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The installed capacity of EGP in the region has risen by 53.8 percent and its net energy production has increased by 1.2 TWh compared to one year ago. These data reflect Enel's growth in Latin America and only regard renewable energy, which in Brazil, Chile and Mexico has increased once again over the first six months of 2015. But the Group's expansion in this continent does not originate only from green sources - the production of the subsidiary companies via Enersis has increased by 0.7 TWh compared to the first half of 2014 - and is not exclusively limited to the new installed capacity that has been put into service.

Enel's development in Latin America is based on a plan for constant growth and improvement that involves every type of generation technology, distribution, consumer market activities along with the the Group's corporate simplification policy in this continent. The region is set to draw 49 percent of investments over the next five years and at the same time it is called upon to contribute to the overall growth of Enel across the world.

Almost 15 million Latin Americans covering Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia rely on the Group's companies for their electricity supply and the Strategic Plan up to 2019 views the retail market as another area for Enel's development in this continent. Service quality, a wider portfolio of offers and new solutions based on energy efficiency distinguish its presence on the various domestic markets, which view the Group companies as well-established and first-rate references, as shown by the recent acknowledgements to Coelce in Brazil.

Thanks to the close on 312 thousand km of electricity lines, managed in five Countries of this continent, Enel is also an important operator in the field of electricity distribution, catalysing network efficiency-enhancing and digitising projects, like the development of the eOrder project for the planning and management of activities on the ground, starting from the construction and maintenance of distribution plants – a system already up and running for some months in Peru and that is gradually being spread to other Countries in the area – to the project for the construction of the largest high-voltage loop in Colombia, launched by Codensa.

Innovation and new technologies are an increasingly widespread area for the development of Enel in Latin American countries and ongoing projects range from electric mobility, recently at the core of new e-mobility projects in Chile and Colombia, to open innovation, for the promotion of energy efficiency also throughstartups and crowdsourcing, as in Brazil with the N.O.VA project, and the construction of the Ollagüe hybrid off-grid plant in Chile that combines solar and wind power with energy storage systems.