Chispers, Energy for All

Published on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In the age of interconnection, smartphones have become crucial for our daily lives. Their intensive use requires frequent charging, although we don’t always have a charger on hand. To overcome this problem, the innovation team of Chilectra, a Chilean Enel Group company, has developed the Chispers device, allowing users to recharge high-tech mobile phones using a wireless inductive system.

Through Los Chispers charging points you can charge smartphones and share energy with the community through a wireless charging system based on Qi, a standard interface developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, which functions through electromagnetic induction within a maximum distance of 4 cm. To charge or "donate" electricity, mobile phones must simply be supported by a wireless platform or attached via a USB cable if the phone does not support this system. "We live in a mobile world, but the electric power infrastructure system is still quite static, so to stay connected we are forced to rely on batteries. With Chispers we are trying to revolutionize the way we interact with energy wirelessly by preparing to digitalise the power grids. The way we consume electricity is changing ever more rapidly and this offers significant growth opportunities for the entire industry”, states Andreas Gebhardt, General Manager of Chilectra.

The Chispers project was launched in 2012. After a period of research and prototype testing, the system is currently active in five towns in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile and has already gathered a community of about one thousand users. To achieve this, Chilectra formed a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, psychologists and anthropologists, who were called upon to solve interconnection and power induction problems in an innovative way.

To use the service, customers must simply download an iOS or Android application available on the Chispers website, that also features a map of the charging point network. Once the APP has been installed on your smartphone, you automatically becomes part of the power sharing community.