Enel protagonist in Latin America, Renzi and Starace inaugurate a series of EGP plants

Published on Monday, 26 October 2015

"Enel is an important and strategic reality in Latin America. We have inaugurated the first geothermal plant in the whole of South America along with  the Taltal wind farm, photovoltaic systems and a hybrid plant. I consider Enel a value for the country. Especially in terms of innovation, renewables, but also in the design of the electronic meter and the challenge of broadband, the network infrastructure crucial for the future of Italy". With these words Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi synthesized, in a statement released on the social media, the inauguration of some Enel Green Power power plants  in Latin America last Saturday, emphasizing the Group's  contribution to other key aspects of Italian technological progress, such as the dissemination of electronic meters and broadband.

In particular Matteo Renzi, Chile's Minister of Energy Máximo Pacheco, and Enel Group CEO Francesco Starace as well as Enel Green Power country manager for  Chile and the Andean nations Salvatore Bernabei inaugurated a series of structures in the Antofagasta region including the Taltal wind farm, the two Lalackama I and II PV power plants, the hybrid plant of Ollagüe and  the Cerro Pabellón geothermal power station project, for which, to mark the event, EGP has started up drilling activities.

"The combination of these facilities reflects the enormous wealth of natural resources in Chile," commented CEO Starace. "This wealth, together with the institutional and legal stability of the country, is perfectly respondent to the multitechnological vocation of Enel Green Power, with these investments we intend contributing to the diversification of the energy matrix in the Country in line with Chilean government targets."

The photovoltaic systems Lalackama I and II, these too in the Taltal district, currently together form the largest EGP PV complex in Chile, with an installed capacity of over 78 MW, capable of producing around 210 GWh per year. The  PV complex is able to meet the annual consumption needs of more than 101 million Chilean households, avoiding the emission of over 101,000 tons of CO2 per year . The total investment for building Lalackama I and II have been respectively some 110 and 32 million US dollars.

Taltal, located in the eponymous district, is the largest wind farm currently operated by EGP in Chile, consisting of 33 wind turbines of 3 MW each, for a total installed capacity of 99 MW. Taltal is able to generate up to 300 GWh per year, equivalent to the annual consumption needs of 170,000 Chilean households, avoiding the emission of over 200,000 tons of CO2 per year. Total investment in the construction of Taltal has been around 190 million US dollars.