Brazil: electricity based on sustainability and solidarity

Published on Monday, 2 November 2015

In Brazil, Enel’s electricity is increasingly based on sustainability and solidarity thanks to the activities carried out by Enel Group distribution companies Ampla and Coelce in different areas in the country. Luz Solidária, the programme that encourages the use of efficient electric appliances and recycling old models, has recently been implemented in the areas of Rio de Janeiro (Ampla) and Ceará (Coelce). Launched in 2009, it grants a 50 percent discount to customers who buy a new low-consumption electric appliance and hand in their old one for recycling. Additionally, all customers who exchange their electric appliances will be given two Procel-certified LED lamps, which will allow them to save 80 percent on energy costs compared to traditional lamps.

Besides raising awareness about consumption and respect for the environment, Luz Solidária also has the social objective of donating a portion of profits from the sale of electric appliances to fund various local projects. Since the programme was launched, more than 30,000 efficient devices have been sold and some 13.5 million Brazilian reais have been made available for charitable purposes.

Coelce, which in 2014 won the Abradee Award for Social Responsibility, has already launched a similar programme in the past, Troca Eficiente, to replace old electric appliances (especially fridges) with more efficient models for low-income families. Last year, 31,752 households benefitted from this programme, lowering electricity consumption by 20,403 MWh.

Additionally, the Ecoampla and Ecoelce projects launched by the two Enel Group companies in Brazil are still running within the Enabling Electricity programme, aimed at granting access to energy to people who live in isolated, rural or suburban areas. These two projects encourage waste recycling by granting customers a discount on their bill in relation to the amount of waste they hand in at collection centres.  A new Ecoampla station was recently unveiled in Magè, and since it was opened, over 5,000 tonnes of waste have been collected for recycling, with more than 970,000 reais in discounts for customers.

Programmes such as Ecoampla and Ecoelce grant social benefits, promoting energy efficiency and reducing the occurrence of diseases caused by ineffective waste and environmental management, with a reduction in raw material consumption and the impact of waste.

Also worth note is a volunteering initiative centered on the young Enel Brazil apprentices. These young people have visited the community centre Pio XII for activities aimed at integration, education and donation of gifts to the youngsters of the Tanape and Ampita neighbourhoods. This initiative is part of the Semear Talentos apprenticeship programme, which besides training future professionals for the company, connects the students with the employment market and helps them develop professionally.