Young people and training for Europe’s sustainable future

Published on Thursday, 19 November 2015

The European Commission, together with big global companies, has launched The European Pact for Youth. This is a document of intentions that enshrines the commitment to create a partnerships between the corporate world and the education system, aimed to boost youth employment and integration in Europe.

The Pact, promoted by the European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Europe), which Enel has also joined, was recently presented in Brussels. It’s a call for action urging companies, social parties, schools, teachers, trainers and stakeholders to develop and strengthen partnerships aimed at supporting young people's employability and inclusion.

The document, signed by various global companies operating in various sectors (from IT  to pharmaceuticals), involves the definition of 28 national Action Plans that will lead to the establishment of 10,000 high-level partnerships between companies and education systems, aimed to offer at least 100,000 new opportunities for apprenticeships, traineeships or internships to young people aged between 15 and 24. The experiences and programmes, that will take place in Europe through the Pact for Youth, will be presented at the end of 2017 at the European Enterprise-Education Summit.

"The Commission’s priority – explained the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thysse – is to get Europe growing again and to stimulate good quality job creation. This is why we  welcome these business-education partnerships leading to 100,000 new youth opportunities”.

The European Pact for Youth was presented at the Enterprise 2020 Summit, aptly titled “The future of Europe”. The event involved European leaders, company managers and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experts, who discussed and explained how the new corporate approach to sustainability and innovation issues can also bring long-term social benefits. And the European Pact for Youth will guide this process thanks to on-the-field training opportunities that will help fill the gap between the skills gained by studying and those required by the job market.  The aim is that via partnership between the educational world and companies  young people are prepared adequately for the new digital ecosystem, providing them with the abilities required to successfully integrate into an increasingly global and technological labour market.

The main Pact for Youth promoters (Business Initiators) include Enel CEO Francesco Starace. The Enterprise 2020 Summit wa also attended by Enel’s Head of Sustainability Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement Marina Migliorato, who took part at the round table “Building blocks for the future of Europe”, bringing Enel’s experience in adopting shared value strategies, also via entry-level job projects.