Chilectra: paying bills with a tweet

Published on Thursday, 17 December 2015

In Chile, a social network like Twitter, created to comment events and exchange opinions, has now acquired a new use thanks to the commitment of Chilectra, Enel’s electricity distributor in Chile. The company’s innovation team has launched #pagotuit, a method allowing customers to pay their energy bills online with a simple Direct Message.

Twitter is a widely used platform in Chile, where it has some four million registered users. Chilectra, which operates mainly in the metropolitan area of Santiago, has almost 200,000 followers: an ideal platform to develop new tools improving relations and providing services for customers. ‘#pagotuit is a simple and fast tool, the result of the partnership with the Uanbai startup’, said Chilectra’s Head of Innovation Jean Paul Zalaquett. ‘It’s one of the initiatives included in the Energy Start programme, for which we have already identified a number of startups that will be our partners in creating new opportunities for development’.

The online payment procedure is very simple. Customers are required to have a Twitter account, to follow the Chilectra profile on the social network (@Chilectra) and to send a message with the word #pago. This way they can pay their electricity bills every month by sending a single message. #pagotuit ensures rapidity, security and full control on payments to Chilectra’s customers.

‘Chilectra’s profile on Twitter has already been used to broadcast notices and provide useful information to our customers. Paying bills with a Direct Message is another step forward within the wider strategy called Mas conectad@ contigo, aimed to establish an even closer relationship with customers’, the Head of Enel Market Chile Simone Tripepi explained.

Thus, once again digital technologies are placed at the service of customers to ensure greater benefits and efficiency of processes. Additionally, with #pagotuit the Enel Group sets another record, standing as the first utility company in the world to adopt this payment tool.