#COP21 : Eurelectric for a Zero-Emission Electric System

Published on Friday, 4 December 2015

There is no room for CO2 in the future of energy, according to Eurelectric, the association that represents the interests of the electricity industry with over 30 members in 32 European countries and affiliates in several other continents. After having launched an initiative signed by Enel, which involves 60 companies pledging to make European power supply carbon neutral by 2050, Eurelectric organised the round table discussion “Low carbon electricity: Energy for Life, Energy for Earth”, as part of  COP21, the climate change conference in Paris.

The representatives who participated in the panel discussion were, among others, Jean-Louis Borloo (President of the Energies for Africa Foundation), François Brottes, President of RTE (the company that manages the electricity transmission network in France), Henri Lachmann, President of Schneider Electric’s supervisory board and Bertrand Piccard, President of Solar Impulse. Representing Enel, EGP CEO Francesco Venturini stated, ‘it is crucial for Countries to reach an agreement in terms of implementing global initiatives to combat climate change while defining a strategy to develop renewable energy: the most effective and increasingly competitive tool to promote a real reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.’

Over the last 15 years, the installed capacity of renewable energy sources worldwide (hydro, wind, biomass, PV, concentrated solar, marine and geothermal power) has more than doubled, rising from 843 GW to 1.814 GW. According to the latest estimates, this figure will continue to grow to 54 percent by 2020 and to 84 percent by 2030.

‘During recent years, the private sector has contributed to reaching the objective of an economy with low greenhouse gas emissions (which is still distant), that goes beyond policies and targets,’ stated EGP’s CEO. ‘This is mainly due to the significant reduction in development costs for renewables, which in many cases can now compete on equal terms with conventional generation technologies.’

Venturini also commented on Enel Green Power’s business model and growth strategy: ‘Over the last 15 years the world’s installed renewable capacity has doubled, and this trend is expected to grow at an increasing rate. Enel was among the first companies to believe in this revolution, and this has allowed us to increase our global presence, thanks to our scouting activities, the strong attention we pay to cost optimisation and the constant search for innovative solutions that the market has to offer,’ he concluded.