“Mountains” of Sustainability

Published on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Peru has become one of the most promising developing markets in Latin America, with an average growth of 7% over the last five years. In order to facilitate this development, the Peruvian government has set aside 20 billion euros for new investments.

The Andean country has a large renewable energy potential that is still largely to be explored. The government has therefore decided to increase the share of green power in the country’s generation mix over the next two years, bringing it up to 5% from the current 2%. The Enel Group is preparing to meet this urgent demand for zero emissions energy.

Following a government tender, Enel has won the right to sign twenty-year energy supply contracts, with electricity generated via three technologies: 126 MW of wind power, 180 MW of solar PV and 20 MW of hydropower.

Our Group is already present in the country’s power generation sector, through its subsidiaries Edegel and Eepsa (with a total installed capacity of 1,974 MW), and in the distribution sector through Edelnor (serving 1.3 million customers). With the 326 MW of new installed capacity awarded in the tender, and approximately 780 MW of hydropower generated by Edegel, we will become the largest operator of renewable energy in the country by 2018.

Our presence in the country is not limited to business development. We are working to create an ever stronger relationship with the communities of the areas in which we operate, through an approach that thrives on Creating Shared Value (CSV).

In the area of Junin, where many communities live in poor health conditions and poverty, lacking access to education, we have launched a health programme focussed on the fight against child malnutrition.
The project, which was launched by Edegel in 2012 following careful analysis in the field, provides for the construction of five clinics offering permanent medical support, free medicine, the construction of water and sewage systems, household toilets, as well as waste and recycling collection days. Edegel also provides monthly computer training programmes for up to 180 people, contributing to the development of their professional skills.

The programme has already improved the health of 145 children, who now have access to regular medical checkups and better nutrition. Malnutrition has been reduced by 57% and anemia by 80%. Edegel’s hard work has earned it the 2015 Sustainable Development Award, awarded by the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy in the category of “Management of local development”.

Peru is one of the Latin American countries involved in the rural electrification project being carried out jointly by Enel and the Barefoot College, an NGO based in India. The “solar grandmothers” (mostly semi-literate women between the ages of 35 and 50) went through a training period in India, where they learned how to build solar panels, knowledge they can now transfer to their communities. The tiny village of Justo Pastor (on the outskirts of Nazca), with a population of about 50 people, had had no access to water or electricity since 1953. Today, it is finally equipped with electric lighting, thanks to solar panels and local “solar engineers” who are able to install and maintain them.

Projects such as these are concrete evidence of the importance we give to sustainability. We actively participate in the growth of the regions in which we operate by contributing with innovative solutions for their long-term development.