Enel Leads Way in Sustainability

Published on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

All of the Group's business lines have once again received an ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System

Today, with this result, Enel confirms its constant commitment to the environment; according to the CEO Francesco Starace: "It's essential for a global company to have a Group certification so that its policies and strategies worldwide will be standardised".

Enel firmly believes that in today's world there is a strong link between being sustainable and being competitive, and that environmental protection, as well as the economic and social development of the territories in which it operates, are key factors for the growth of a global player in the energy sector.

Sustainability is therefore a key factor for all of our business strategies. We have set ourselves ambitious goals, such as carbon neutrality by 2050, which we intend to achieve through a growth plan that focuses on renewables, efficiency and smart grids. Our objective is to contribute to the fight against climate change and we will continue our efforts to provide access to electricity to a vast portion of the world's population living in disadvantaged areas. Our commitment has earned us numerous international awards, including an ISO 14001 certification for our Environmental Management System.

Our group has been receiving this annual certification since 2012, and since the summer of 2014, we have been working to adapt our Environmental Management System and ensure its consistency with our new organisational structure. Certification perimeters have changed and we have extended these standards to other areas such as research, drilling and hydrocarbon extraction.

Today, we are a large multinational power company that is present in 30 countries across four continents, with a net installed capacity of over 89 GW and a grid of approximately 1.9 million kilometres. The certification involved most of our assets, including 95 percent of the distribution network (about 1.8 million kilometres) and 98 percent of the net installed capacity (just short of half our energy is produced from completely carbon free sources, avoiding 70 million tons of CO2 emissions). All of our business lines feature an efficient environmental management, with advanced management control, monitoring and updates.

The evaluation does not include a small portion of our plants and facilities: plants that have recently become operational (and are currently undergoing certification), a series of plants that are in the process of being sold (which will no longer be part of the Group’s perimeter and to which the certification will not be applied) and distribution networks and substations that are in the process of being upgraded and which will soon become part of the certified perimeter.

According to Enel’s Head of Sustainability Andrea Valcalda, “the certification of a large Group such as ours is a great achievement, not only for the result itself, but because we are the leading environmental management players in the countries in which we operate, by sharing our best practices in terms of business logics, strategies and our advanced environmental culture, in all of the areas of the world in which we are present.”  This result confirms our leading role at an international level in sustainability and environmental issues. “We are often considered a reference point by the government and are frequently called upon to help solve local problems that concern nature management, improving the quality of water resources, biodiversity or the solution of local waste management problems,” concluded Valcalda.

The integration of sustainability into our business model has earned our company a position among the top five companies on Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” list (which includes the 50 companies that have the potential to change the world), as well as other major world sustainability indices and evaluation systems, such as the Dow Jones sustainability Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Euronext Vigeo – World 120 Index.

"Protecting the environment – explained the  Management Representative for the Group’s Environmental Management Giulio Peruzzi - is central to Enel, as is the involvement of all stakeholders on this matter, particularly local communities. We ask the latter for suggestions and comments through the dedicated mailbox emsinternet@enel.com, so that our energy production and distribution is increasingly environmentally sustainable".