Enel celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Published on Thursday, 28 April 2016


From the theatre to jogging, from gymnastics to a simple walk: Enel is promoting various initiatives for April 28th, World Day for Safety and Health at Work. These are proposals that aim at raising awareness around the theme of this year's edition, promoted by the International Labour Organization (ILO): the prevention of stress and the promotion of wellbeing within organizations. A theme that has always seen the Enel Group in the forefront, as demonstrated by the many initiatives the Group has implemented over the years to promote a culture of health and safety.

In Italy, in Milan, wellness jogging activities will be held, with walks in the park, as well as seminars with specialists on the topic of worplace stress. The day will also feature Wellness Cooking, a cooking competition to share information on healthy cuisine.

In Chile, where the campaign Consejos que dan Vida started at the beginning of March, theatrical performances, relaxation activities, discussions and workshops will be held.

But Chile is not the only South American country to have organized anti-stress activities: from stress management training, with massage sessions and smile therapy in Peru, to a race against the sedentary lifestyle in Brazil; workshops on relaxation and healthy eating - alternated by "active" breaks with a lot of anti-stress physical activities - in Colombia. And there will be video and group relaxation exercises in Costa Rica, and video conferences with the management with a focus on health and stress in Guatemala.

In Greece, specifically in Athens, a seminar will be held on stress management. In Spain, still on the subject, workshops and discussions will be held at six Endesa headquarters.

Seminars on stress prevention will also be held in Romania, with the cooperation of specialists, as well as a series of training activities on health and safety at the power plants.

In Russia, in Moscow, the focus will be on gymnastics, with relaxation exercises during work breaks. Besides that, volunteering and the distribution of a small handbook with practical advice on how to reduce work fatigue are also planned. 

All these activities highlight the Group's ongoing commitment to finding the perfect balance between work and wellbeing.