Green mobility: Enel starts from its employees in Colombia

Published on Thursday, 16 March 2017

Choosing electric mobility means saying goodbye to noise pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, contributing with simple everyday actions to a more sustainable life for all and savings.

In Colombia, Codensa and Emgesa, companies of the Enel Group, are set on driving the development of electric mobility in the country by implementing alternative mobility projects and studies in the field as well as by disseminating good practices among employees. The country has increased its overall emissions over the last five years (from 0.37 to 0.42%). For this reason, too, Enel plans on taking action starting from inside the company, developing programmes such as "E-bike to work" that provides employees with electric bikes for travel between home and work.

In December 2016, the Group launched the internal programme "Eco Car" in collaboration with Sofasa-Renault, to encourage employees to purchase electric vehicles. In this first edition, already 20 employees have joined the programme by purchasing a Twizy, an electric vehicle by Renault, thanks to government incentives granted to the company: 50% discount on the cost of the vehicle and access to 0%-interest financing.

"One of the company’s major challenges is to promote electric mobility so that cities like Bogota can become a model of sustainable development in the world," said Lucio Rubio Diaz, General Director of Enel Colombia. And for such an ambitious goal, we need to begin by setting a good example.