A Europe with clean energy, CEO Starace at the EU Parliament

Published on Monday, 6 November 2017

The energy sector will play a fundamental role for the European economy, but it is also crucial in the fight against climate change. The shift towards an energy model that favours the development of renewables and energy efficiency is the key to enable the EU to meet the ambitious goals for 2030 established in the Paris Agreement.

This is the theme at the heart of the “High-level conference on clean energy financing”, scheduled for the 7 November at the EU Parliament in Brussels, an occasion that will involve the CEO and General Manager of Enel Francesco Starace.

The event, organised by the Parliament and the European Commission, aims to develop a high-level debate between the main stakeholders in the energy sector. Opening the discussions will be the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, who will be followed by a session chaired by Dominique Ristori, Director-General for Energy at the European Commission, dedicated to the “Clean Energy Package”, the proposal of new European legislation to encourage the development of energy efficiency and clean energy.

Our CEO will be speaking during the second panel “Supporting the shift towards clean and efficient energy at the local level”, scheduled to begin at 10.45 am. The discussion will focus on the actions to promote on a local level in the different European countries in order to encourage the shift to an energy-efficient system based on renewable sources. Over the next decade in Europe, the bulk of investments needed for the success of the transition to clean energy will involve families, energy cooperatives, cities and companies. The aim of the debate is to identify the bureaucratic and financial obstacles that hinder the spread of green energy as well as the potential tools to overcome them; one example is the creation of energy-efficient Smart Buildings. The panel will be chaired by Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Director-General DG ENER at the European Commission and president of the EFSI Steering Board.

The Conference will continue into the afternoon with a further two panels dedicated to investment in the infrastructure of energy interconnections and renewable energy respectively.

The debate can be followed via live streaming on the web beginning at 9.30am and on the social channels with the hashtag #CleanEnergyEU.