Climate, the search for a global solution at the WEF

Published on Monday, 21 January 2019

A global solution for a global problem. This year, the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos (Switzerland), scheduled for 22 to 25 January, will be paying significant attention to climate change, a problem that concerns the entire planet and one that cannot be tackled by individual countries or organisations alone.

For the WEF, the solution is Globalisation 4.0 and taking full advantage of all the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution currently under way, in particular the exponential growth of technological innovation, with its unprecedented global impact and spread.

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO, will be attending the event in Davos and on 23 January at 2.30 pm will be on the panel at the meeting “Realizing the Energy Transition” to outline the huge potential of the energy sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through the electrification of industry, renewable sources, electric mobility and the digitalisation of the electricity networks.

Enel will also be in Davos to present an example of technological excellence: the Melilla Second Life project is a pioneering energy storage system that, as the name suggests, uses second-life batteries. The project was developed by the Global Thermal Generation division at the Endesa power plant in Melilla, the Spanish autonomous city on the coast of Morocco. In acknowledgment of its worth in the context of this year’s event, the Enel solution has been selected by the WEF as a “member initiative.” The system ensures the provision of electricity to the Spanish enclave on the African coast, whose electricity system is isolated and not part of the national distribution grid. The project is exemplary in its integration of technological innovation with environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

You can see the event of the WEF 2019 in streaming here.